Romano Tartufi

“Romano Tartufi” was born from the desire to spread the knowledge of the Umbrian truffle, a real Italian excellence, and it strongly believes in direct contact with the experts quarrymen, essential for those who want not only to offer a fresh product of the highest quality but also to propose fine preparations thanks to the experience of the chef Lorenzo Romano.


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White Truffle
Fresh White Truffle

The white truffle is the most highly prized variety. Appreciated all over the world for its unmistakable scent and delicate taste. It has a white gleba, tending to yellow, with small white veins and a smooth, light yellow surface.

Fresh Whitish Truffle

The less experienced can fall into deception, but the Bianchetto Truffle, often confused with the Prized White, has very different characteristics: garlic scent and usually smaller dimensions. It has a gleba with a brown background that turns to purple or red, marbled with whitish veins, and a smooth surface, also whitish or tending to light brown.

Tartufo Estivo
Fresh Black Summer Truffle

Also known as 'Scorzone', it is one of the least prized truffles in circulation. Despite this, it is highly appreciated and used at all levels of catering. It has a hazelnut-colored gleba, which becomes darker when fully ripe, with whitish veins and a wrinkled surface rich in pyramidal warts.

Fresh Black Truffle Uncinatum

The Uncinato truffle is very reminiscent of the Summer Truffle one, whose harvesting period precedes it by a few months. The differences between the two varieties are mostly related to appearance. In fact, the Uncinato truffle has a darker gleba, hazelnut-colored with white veins, and a wrinkled surface, with less pronounced warts.

Nero Pregiato
Fresh Black Prized Truffle

The black prized truffle is one of the most popular truffles by chefs and gourmets, for the extra touch that its unmistakable sweetish flavor can give to the recipes in which it is used. It has a black gleba tending to purple or reddish, with dense and small white veins, and a surface rich in pyramidal warts and hues tending to red.

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