The Truffle

What is the truffle

The truffle is an hypogeum fungus, it is born and lives underground. Its fruit body resembles the shape of a tuber (hence the scientific name Tuber).

Where the truffle grows

It grows in the ground, in close contact with the roots of trees and arboreal plants (mostly oaks, holm oaks, poplars, oaks and lime trees), with which it develops a symbiotic relationship capable of bringing benefits to both the fungus and the plant.

Truffle’s anatomy

The truffle is composed of an external rind (peridium), which, depending on the species and the type of soil in which it grows, can be smooth or wrinkled, and an internal fleshy mass (gleba) often marked by veins, whose color varies from brown to ocher, from gray to pink. Its perfume, persistent and unmistakable, develops only after maturation.

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