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“Romano Tartufi” was born from the desire to spread the knowledge of the Umbrian Truffle, a real Italian excellence, and it strongly believes in direct contact with the experts quarrymen, essential for those who want not only to offer a fresh product of the highest quality, but also to propose precious preparations.

The truffle Specialities* of the “Romano Tartufi” line, are exceptional and clearly makes them stand out from the others on the market: this is because of the outstanding recipes created by Chef Lorenzo Romano.
The products of the “Romano Tartufi” line, therefore contain unique characteristics, which are a result of virtuous and admirable encounters
between the careful selection of ingredients and the expertise of a professional Chef, capable of enhancing their value.

“The careful choice of the raw material is the first essential step to offer a unique sensory experience in each dish”

Lorenzo Romano

Lorenzo Romano


Lorenzo Romano

Chef and founder

Lorenzo begins his career through a path, articulated in various training experiences. He graduated from ALMA – The International School of Italian Cuisine, and immediately began working as a cook at Enoteca Pinchiorri, a historic restaurant in the heart of Florence awarded 3 Michelin stars.

*The truffle based Specialties are being created and will be available from next year